Restaurant review: Brasserie La Terrasse

Relaxed, open-air dining that's perfect for summer.

Restaurant review: Brasserie La Terrasse

Avenue des Celtes 1

What’s good? La Terrasse is a classic Belgian brasserie where you can get a slew of local favorites, ranging from carbonnade flamande to moules; there’s also a fine selection of grilled beef if you’re seeking to dig into some red meat. Beer-lovers will be delighted by the extensive offering which is sure to cheer anyone wanting to sample the best of Belgium while enjoying some time on the eponymous terrasse, which is truly a great spot to enjoy a leisurely lunch or relaxed dinner on a clear summer night.

What’s not? The food at La Terrasse won’t change your life, but that hardly matters: The service staff is lovely, and the restaurant makes up for some uninspiring cuisine with its charming ambiance and perfect location.

Vibe: With its glass-encased terrace and plentiful greenery on the outside and charming wooden interior, the place feels unassumingly continental. It’s also clearly a neighborhood haunt, which adds an air of timeless authenticity.

Who’s picking up the check? Prices aren’t cheap but also not crazy: While the entrées are surprisingly pricey, main dishes average a more reasonable €20.

Spotted: La Terrasse is an age-old Etterbeek brasserie that remains popular among the neighborhood’s upper-middle-class inhabitants; you may not spot any commissioners here, but the feel is charmingly bourgeois — think a Renoir painting, but set in 2023. 

Fun fact: The restaurant’s turn-of-the-century feel is justified: La Terrasse first opened its doors 120 years ago.

How to get there: Situated right off the eastern tip of Parc Cinquantenaire (near the iconic arch), it’s only a short walk away from Schuman Square — but the distance is just far enough to ensure your meal won’t be interrupted by work colleagues. If it’s sunny, just take a stroll across the park; otherwise, your best bet is to get the metro and exit at Merode. 

— Review published on June 8, 2023. Illustration by Dato Parulava/POLITICO