Polish protests — Hungary’s EU role — Sleeper train journey

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Polish protests — Hungary’s EU role — Sleeper train journey

In this bumper edition, we explain what’s behind recent large protests in Poland, why some in Brussels want to stymie Hungary in the EU decision-making process and we take you along on a new night train route from Berlin to Brussels.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Poland at the weekend — expressing their anger at the ruling conservative government. POLITICO’s Senior Policy Editor Jan Cienski explains what’s driving these protests ahead of elections in Poland later this year.

And in the European Parliament, a debate has erupted around how much power Hungary should have when it comes to the EU decision-making process, given rule-of-law standards in the country. Lili Bayer, POLITICO’s senior reporter covering Central and Eastern Europe, explains why some are concerned about Hungary’s presidency of the Council of the EU, which is set to happen next year.

And finally, POLITICO’s Joshua Posaner and Cristina Gonzalez take you on board the inaugural journey of a new night train traveling from Berlin to Brussels. We explore the difficulties of establishing international overnight routes in Europe and share our impressions from the journey in discussions with the co-founder of the train company as well as fellow passengers. We end our journey in Brussels where POLITICO’s Hanne Cokelaere speaks to Belgium’s Transport Minister Georges Gilkinet about his efforts to make his country a hub for European sleeper trains.